July 24, 2009

We'll Buy You Up, We Love You So

There's a new short out--not exactly a trailer, and not something I dig calling a "featurette" like I'm supposed to--with mostly Maurice Sendak talking about Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are. Spike's great, but Sendak's awesome, and I feel like I can dare to be excited for a movie, and it won't pull my shirt over my head and then kick me in the nuts in return.

Wild Things has a set-up at Comic-Con just now that includes some kind of awesome-looking thatch fortball. You can't really see it in this shot because the Where the Wild Things Are first-person video game demo is in the way:


Sendak recently celebrated his birthday, which is awesome. And here's one of the bronze tabletop sculptures coming down the pike [Obama gumby sold separately]:


Also the Wild Things indie vinyl will drop soon and are available for pre-order now:



I want to buy the wild thing walking into a tree indie vinyl toy, they are making that, right?

Also, every time I see Eggers I crack up. That hair, man.

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