July 24, 2009

The AT-AT Imperial Loft Bed

If you have never found yourself cheering for a slideshow before, you haven't seen Bykmandan's making of his son's AT-AT Imperial Loft Bed. Duude.

Star Wars Imperial Walker Loft Bed [youtube via dt readers rolf, sara, eric, david, geoff, cathy, and tor. so far.]
Related: the DIY AT-AT Stroller saga


So awesome! I hope my husband doesn't get any ideas...

That's so awesome. I can only hope that the kid doesn't attempt to bring it down with a skipping rope and makeshift harpoon.

The only thing that would make this room more complete is that Tauntaun sleeping bag that ThinkGeek is trying to get licensed on the floor.

That's fantastic! I'm going to have to now try to replicate this.

My only comment would've been that if you're going to do all that work, why not put the bed in the loft?

where would you put the escape hatch?

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