July 24, 2009

Pre-P&T Buyout Closeout! OG Mountain Buggy Madness


Like never forgiving the Dodgers for leaving Brooklyn, or Miuccia Prada's scheming husband Patrizio Bertelli for hounding Jil Sander out, I'm sure there are some folks who will never forgive Phil & Teds for buying their awesome-but-bankrupt competitor Mountain Buggy and moving the whole Kiwi kit & kaboodle to China. [It'll happen, mark my words!]

Well, now you have a once-in-a-pregnancy chance to stick it to The Man, stroller-wise, anyway. Longtime DT sponsor JoggingStroller.com has gotten their hands on a limited number of OG European-model Mountain Buggy Urban strollers, which go by the name Urban Jungle over there. There are singles and doubles, with carrycots--but no cupholders--that would normally be $850-1,150.

Your price, while supplies last, without a single, horrible Hawaiian shirt print in sight: Just $299.99 and $399.99. Shipped.

Crazy? Impossible? Can't be done? How'd they--the CPSIA, my friend, that's how. Remember that ticking time bomb of a lead testing law that was going to destroy the handcarved toy industry or whatever? Well it didn't go away.

Just yesterday the CPSC published its final rules on what constitutes accessible parts of children's products--which are subject to the new testing and certification requirements--and inaccessible parts--which are not. Every model needs to be tested and certified, but since P&T is apparently planning to discontinue the Urban Jungle, these end-of-an-era rigs won't get certified.

So they have to be sold before the rules take effect August 14th. After that, the lead content of the brass valve stems on the inflatable tires--probably newly defined as an accessible component!--transforms these strollers into illegal, toxic pushchairs of certain death. So it's a tradeoff. Alls I know, I could sure buy a lot of lead-free inner tubes with that $500.

Euro Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle strollers, $300 and $400 while supplies last--and laws allow! [joggingstroller.com]


Damn. I think we spent $170 for just the carrycot 3 years ago. In hindsight we probably would have skipped the carrycot because it's only good for 0-3 mos. It may be more useful in other strollers but the Mountain Buggy seat reclines pretty close to flat. The carrycot did get lots of looks and compliments though (maybe that was the kid...I don't quite remember).

In any case this is not just a great deal but a truly great stroller. Any new parents or parents-to-be scanning Daddytypes for stroller purchasing information, look no further. At these prices you will be happier than you would be with any stroller costing two to three times more. I can't wait for my son to get a little more walking endurance so we can unload the P&T and bring the Mountain Buggy back out of storage for my daughter to enjoy.

I've been kicking myself ever since I missed the P&T Sport Double on Costco.com, and now I'm not sure if I should go for the Mountain Buggy or hold out for the P&T. I'd have an infant and a 3-year-old to transport, and I'm guessing that the MB doesn't travel as well, since it's 5" wider (we go to Greece to visit family). Has anyone traveled with the Mountain Buggy Double?

I went ahead and ordered the MB in orange, because the available colors are starting to disappear. Thanks so much for these notices, by the way, Greg - I'd never find these sales otherwise!

I just saw through the joggingstroller twitter feed that the sale now ends today at 4PM EST. They are sweetening the deal with an extra $50 the total order of the single or double w/ carry cot with coupon code SAVE50MB.

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