July 22, 2009

Slate's Toddler Tuesday Reminds Me Why I Hate Consulting

Between Slate's trademark pseudo-scientific shopppertainment, blurby non-review of a couple of sippy cups that would work better as a PowerPoint slide, and their bone-dry, scandal-less recap of the FDA's BPA review panels that feels like it was torn from the back pages of last year's USA Todays, recovered from the recycling bin of some airport Residence Inn, I've never felt better about leaving the corporate world behind.

Here's the C-level takeaway:
Nalgene sippy cups mostly don't leak.
Don't use polycarbonate bottles.
Don't give the kid canned food.
Inexplicably left out: that includes canned liquid formula. [via dt reader jj daddy-o]


Wow. That's just ridiculous. Thanks, Slate, for "reviewing" five sippy cups!

What makes the Slate piece even less useful is that Z Recommends just published their huge annual sippy cup showdown like a month ago. Their approach was distinctly and absurdly more intense: three "divisions" (baby, toddler, youth) and then three "tiers" within each (worst, middle, best).

The Nalgene sippy cups are undeniably awesome, though; you can carry two of them with just two fingers.

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