July 22, 2009

Father/Son Art Show At Minnetonka Center For The Arts


Today was the last day of Father/Son Art Show, an exhibition of work by four artist dads and their 5-9yo sons at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts.

One of the artists, John Scheuerman, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that more than just the work, the show "is meant to celebrate the relationship between creative dads and their kids."

And Alicia, who blogged about the show for the Walker Art Center, marveled at the "uninhibited creative nature of children's artwork" and the impact it had on her.

Which is all good to know, but since the Walker only got a couple of installation shots from the MCA [above], and the MCA's got jack on their own website, there's no way to see the actual art in the show.

MCA's Father/Son Art Show [walkerart.org]
Family Portraits: Father-son Art [startribune.com]
Father/Son Art Exhibit, Jun 18-Jul 23 [minnetonkaarts.org]


***interesting*** especially since I've been working on an expanded version of this theme with my co-producer, the fabulous architect and designer Iris Anna Regn.

Our project is called BROODWORK: Creative Practice and Family Life. Official website is in the pipeline, but lots of info at http://www.becster.org/broodwork.html or on the facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/BROODWORK/81199101134

DT readers who use FB should feel free to become fans, and let us know your thoughts on this topic!

Thanks much to Daddy-types and the Walker for blogging on this show.

If you want more show information, please see my website for images, or email me for a copy of articles written but not yet published on this show. Also, on Micheal Kareken Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=93659672399

This show was actually a spin-off from Outsiders & Others gallery that operated in downtown Mpls from 03 to 07. The idea for the show is thanks to Beth Parkhill, co-founder of O&O.

--John Schuerman/ father-artist

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