July 22, 2009

Dads: There're Just Too Damn Many Of Them

If you leave something open in your browser tab long enough, it becomes irrelevant or a bona fide trend.

Right now, the trend is, there are just dads everywhere. Dads dads dads. Dads in Manhattan, dads in Brooklyn. They're like the capri pants for men of parents, just too damn much of them.

They're funemployed and staying-at-home and working out and cramping Charles Pagano's style in his kid's swim class. They're taking over the mommy-baby yoga class at the Y in [duh] Park Slope.

And today within minutes of landing and letting the kid and K2 loose in the playground, some dad I didn't recognize, who already standing there, goes, "Hi!" kind of awkward-like. I did a quick "Hey, how's it going?" before pulling out my iPod Touch. Because who ever talks to dads on the playground? And also, because we came to this playground because it has such poachable WiFi nearby.

Welcome to Dadhattan [nypress]
Who's That With Baby at the Y? Why, It's Daddy


Maybe too many dads out of work? Combined with too may dads not very enthusiastic about going back TO work?

Man, get an iPhone and a data plan, then you can go to any playground you want.

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