July 20, 2009

Small Coloring Book By Small Magazine


I've always liked small magazine, even as I've watched with amused resignation as the cool, progressive, creative, self-aware, modern, world-changing, ethical, sustainable, handmade, independent kid's product world small embodies turns out have the same retrograde gender biases as the big bad baby industrial complex: it's basically a total chickfest of hip moms making beautiful clothes for their daughters.

Which doesn't mean they can't make a sweet coloring book. Small draw, the small magazine coloring book, brings together all the original colorable art they've commissioned for the magazine into one beautiful package. The proceeds for which go to support the anti-poverty microlending efforts of kiva.org. It's available--where else?--on etsy.

Small Draw Original Art Coloring Book, $10 [etsy via smaller blog]

1 Comment

what is that print behind the book? I'm seeing it all over the place?

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