July 20, 2009

DT Monday Mommy Mailbag: Rack After Rack Edition

Wondering what Smart, Haute Moms are being sold this week? Just check out these marketing messages meant for the Mammary Set from the Daddy Types Monday Mommy Mailbag:

First up, Sea Goddess contouring swimsuits:

Hi There -

Every summer, women agonize over the annual affliction known as swimsuit season. Dressing rooms across the country are filled with women standing in front of mirrors cowering under unforgiving fluorescent glare; filled with anxiety and self-doubt about baring body parts that have been hidden all winter long. Rack after rack, women painstakingly dig through a barrage of swimsuits praying to find a style and size that actually fits.

But don't think a swimsuit is all you need to go to the beach, uh-uh!
Hi Greg,

As Courtney Cox's swimsuit malfunction demonstrates,

Wait, what are you talking about? "As Courtney Cox's swimsuit malfunction demonstrates..." aha. Baby grabbing bikini top. Got it. Carry on!
Nippies Natural and Nippies from Bristols 6 are essentials for moms hitting up the pool with toddlers that hang on to your swimsuit. Our high-quality cover-ups shape curves and shields from overexposure and 'chilly' waters, giving stylish moms the confidence to wear a bathing suit without worry!
'chilly' waters. Suddenly, I'm thinking a male version of this product would sell like hot dogs at a Yankees game. "As George Costanza's cold water shrinkage demonstrates, Peenies are essentials for dads hitting up the pool..."
Nippies Natural is the first adhesive silicone nipple cover that is thin and matte, making it undetectable under clothing and swimsuits. The adhesive and non-adhesive versions are washable/waterproof/reusable, making it a budget-friendly find that you can wear during the day at the pool or out to dinner with your hubby.

For 'haute' mamas who want colorful coverage, Nippies are made from real lingerie fabrics in designer-inspired prints and sparkling sequins. Nippies are soft, stretchy and slightly supportive coverage in over 40 styles that coordinate with any bathing suit or outfit!

We would love to get some coverage on Daddy Types!

Not too much coverage, I hope! heh heh, uhh. Anyway. "'haute' mamas" are covered. But what about Yummy Mummys? Well, just in time for Worldwide Breastfeeding Week [starting August 1st], comes this:
First Full-Service Breastfeeding Emporium Coming to the East Side of Manhattan

- Yummy Mummy™ to Open this Spring


Yummy Mummy is the first and only breastfeeding specialty store on the east side of Manhattan. Yummy Mummy's mission is to facilitate and enrich the breastfeeding experience by providing the information, personal attention, and products and services that mothers need to make breastfeeding enjoyable, rewarding and stress-free. Yummy Mummy will serve as a gathering place for soon-to-be and new moms seeking support, guidance and "sisterhood."

Indeed, because breastfeeding is hard enough without having to schlep across town to the Upper Breast Side.


Whoa, wait, hold on: "adhesive versions" ??? Ow ow ow ow ow.

Haven't stopped by Daddytypes in a while, glad to see Uma's still here and the more things change the more they stay the same.

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