July 20, 2009

Bend Over Obama Bib [???]


I didn't have kids in the 90's, so I never needed to answer awkward questions about why Ken Starr, Newt Gingrich and Lindsey Graham were talking about oral sex, blue dresses, and cigars on every TV channel, every day for a year.

Fortunately, conservatives have changed, and are now just broadcasting their obsessions about coercive buttsex. Glad those days are, uh, behind us.

Welcome to the new Republican Party, where the white men are men, and the sheeple are nervous.

Rump Shaking [andrew sullivan]


What about the awkward questions about why the president was HAVING oral sex performed on him by someone other than his wife? What about the fact that same president LIED under oath to a grand jury, thus committing the offense for which he was impeached?

thanks for missing the entire point, but yeah, I guess if I were raising that 3-yo kid who watches McNeil/Lehrer every night, maybe he would have brought those up.

It was 30 years later when I cited JFK as an inspiration in my Eagle Scout interview, and we *still* didn't know a thing about his horndogging.

not seeing how that irrefutable logic explains putting "bend over" on a @#$(*ing bib, though.

thanks Jeff, that really puts into perspective that whole "doctored evidence to start a war" thing baby Bush and his evil puppeteer Cheney worked out. Don't forget about the whole "leaking the name of an under-cover CIA agent" issue that Cheney refused to testify about.

I'm pretty sure the American public has already been 'bent over'.

The only bib that would be less cool than this one is a bib that read "Liberal Faggot", one of my favorite quotes from Ann "foil-hat" Coulter.

John Rockefeller (a very liberal senator from New York) led an investigation that concluded that Bush did not lie. The intelligence was bad but WAS NOT doctored and Bush did not lie. If he lied, so did all the Democrats that saw the same intelligence and wanted to go into Iraq as well.

Also, Valerie Plame was not outed by Bush or Cheney and her own husband had spoken to reporters about what she did.

Greg, I never said I agreed with putting that on a bib. You brought up the Republicans talking about oral sex all the time. I merely pointed out that had Clinton not actually ENGAGED in the activity and also committed perjury, there would have been nothing to talk about.

that's all easy enough to explain to a kid, though. Just get a copy of "Help, Mom! There are fire-breathing conservative pundits under my bed!"

That's hilarious!!!

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