July 18, 2009

Dude, Where's My Oscar Mayer Wienermobile?


Yesterday, a wayward Oscar Mayer Wienermobile slammed into the lakefront house Nick Krupp, 23, rents from his mother in Racine, Wisconsin. The Wienermobile [codename: WEENR] got lost on the way to a public appearance Friday, ended up on a road that dead-ends at Lake Michigan, and then tried to turn around in Krupp's driveway. That's when things got a little crazy, and the "giant hot dog hurtled forward" into the house. Also, Krupp's mother sounds like she doesn't have homeowner's insurance, either. The whole thing is just ridiculous.


There are six Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles, which are piloted by a class of twelve Hotdoggers, recent college grads--marketing and PR majors, obviously. Hotdoggers spend a couple of weeks at Hot Dog High. After graduation, they roam their assigned region in a Wienermobile, drumming up local buzz and learning firsthand how the publicity sausage is made.

Class 22 took over just a few weeks ago. I have to say, the WEENR team has gotten a spectacular amount of coverage; Twitter is a giant weenie roast, and that Oscar Mayer logo is filling up Google News even as I type.

I do believe that this is the Twitter for Mary Kate, one of the WEENR team, who blogs WEENR's whereabouts as MmmK.


Here's the other member of Team WEENR. Looks like we have our driver:


update: Actually, Milwaukee news is reporting it somewhat differently:

Police say the 22 year old driver from Pennsylvania wanted to see Lake Michigan, so she drove down the street for the view.
Which makes no sense, since the view on that street is blocked by trees, and the streets in either direction--or the lakefront park they might have passed--would have given better views. The Pennsylvania reference confirms the identity of the Hotdogger driving, btw.

update update: dude, it's like a hot dog with the works; just piling more and more tasty toppings on. From a post last week on Ali's personal blog, emphasis added for humorous effect:

I swear the best part about traveling through tiny, unheard of towns in the Midwest is meeting friendly folks. MK and I got hammered tonight with a bunch of local North Dakota natives - they were parents. So fun.

Vehicle batters house; easy to get description [journaltimes.com]
No mention yet on the Official Wienermobile blog [hotdoggerblog.com]
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