July 15, 2009

One Backwards R To Rule Them All

Wow, so last we heard from Toys R Us & Babies R Us, they were buying up F.A.O. Schwarz, or whatever's left of it--a soon-to-be-evicted, toy store-themed amusement park on Fifth Avenue, and parents' vague, vestigial fondness for Tom Hanks movies.

But did you realize that back in February, TRU/BRU also bought eToys, Baby Universe, and ePregnancy, three of The Parent Company's leading online brands [no offense, PoshTots!], which had filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy in the dead of winter? But that they didn't buy KBToys.com, the online operation of the 460-store chain that went bankrupt earlier in December?

And as you'll remember from that ersatz chronology of The Right Start, FAO and TRS had merged, gone bankrupt together, then split off and reincarnated.

And they'd also acquired two other educational/yuppie toy companies, Zany Brainy and Noodle Kaboodle, which, at least in early February, were apparently part of The Parent Company, and redirected to eToys, but now the domain names are just parked? Meanwhile, now KBToys.com has some "Check back soon!" message.

I assume they'll finally be announcing their acquisition by Toys R Us.

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