July 15, 2009

Drinking Games


K2 will drink anything from anywhere, except milk, which has to come in a bottle. We've been working on that, and over the weekend, we went cold turkey. So far, it's not going well.

After working through our random assortment of regular sippy cups, my wife tracked down the sippy attachment for K2's Born Free bottles. The nipple flow of the Born Frees has been excellent, it's almost been like, "Buy this awesome bottle, get the Hormone Balance-Destroying Plastic Additives removed for free!" awesome.

Well, the sippy tops blow. First off, they're blue, so they're fooling absolutely no one. In the grouping above, K2 will first pick the most original bottle, then demand that the blue top be taken off.

Also, they're stiff plastic with a slice in the top like a soda lid, so they dribble out milk like crazy when they're sideways, which is often. But the real problem is the flowrate; they're like a freakin' milk bong.

So even as she is sitting here, happily rearranging all her milk cups around the table, the only one K2 even considers drinking from is our old standby, the 1st Years disposable cup. Which, not coincidentally, is what her big sister drinks from.

And so it is that I find myself teaching K2 YouTube drinking games: Every time a postman delivers a barrel from the jungle? Take a drink. Colonist sticks out his tongue at King George III? Take a drink. Video stalls while loading? Take a drink. Stop-action candy corn fireworks explode? Take a drink. When my wife saw what I was doing, she had to leave the room to not laugh.

Somehow, this doesn't seem sustainable.


This was the same progression we used for the transition. But, it sounds like you bought the blue tops that are for older babies. They sell "levels" of sippy tops the same way there are levels of nipples. There are softer versions of the same top that leak less and are a better transition from the original nipple.

Did you try a Tilty Cup? Worked for us, and I agree that BF sippy cups are useless (blue?!? why?).

I'm not real happy with the Born Free cups, even the soft nipple cups leak. Plus they are ridiculously expensive. We had good luck with the Nuby sippy cups at first and the Playtex tumblers when our son got a little older. The playtex tumblers in particular are totally leak-proof.

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