July 14, 2009

Felix Gotze: Eine Kleine Schaukelmotorrad


I've been trying to link to this all day, ever since DT reader Rolf tipped me off about it, but the original site who posted German designer [whose facebook says Hong Kong?] Felix Gotze's Motorcycle Rocking Horse has been down down down. Must be the entire Internet checking out the custom, powder-coated awesomeness.

Fortunately, Monoscope has the good sense to post some actual information, not just baby chopper jokes. It seems Gotze build the little Schaukelmotorrad [Rocking motorcycle? Can't Americans jam German words together, too?] for a 3-yo named Otto who lives across from a bike shop. And yes, Otto loves the high handlebar classics, but this ride makes a few concessions to toddler comfort and functionality. Kind of surprised it's oatmeal, though, and not black or chrome.

Will work someday? Felix Gotze Motorcycle Rocking Horse [theblogpaper.co.uk via dt reader rolf]
Felix Gotze Rocking Horse [monoscope]

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Fabulous! Thanks for posting this! My 18-month-old daughter BEGS to sit on and in my Ural sidecar motorcycle. She perfected her "vroom-vroom" long ago, and a librarian I work with even found some Eric Carle "Very Hungry Caterpillar" press-on "tattoos" for her! I don't know if I can get one of these, but we've got a vocational school nearby--maybe I'll show the photo to a few welding students and see if they can create something similar for me--I mean my daughter!

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