July 12, 2009

Ninetonine Kids Furniture Son Grande y Mas Blanco


Ninetonine is a Madrid-based kids furniture company launched by Alberto Marcos and Sacha Bancroft Cooke. Their designs were floating around last year, but it seems like they've actually gone into production and heavy press releaseification this past spring.

All the stuff is sustainablowvocologically made in Spain, either from a Nettolicious combination of oak and white lacquered wood for the bigger pieces like the Zebra convertible crib [above], or from formica-birch laminate for things like Deskhouse.


If I were more sanguine about the plausibility of FedExing slightly oddball modern whimsies from halfway around the world when we have plenty of our own now in the US, I guess I would have posted about them earlier.

Instead, I'll just point out that the Zebra takes a European-sized mattress [60x120 cm, vs US 60x130cm], so watch for that [Albee's sells an EU-size foam crib mattress for like $80. I guess people have been irrationally importing cribs for decades.]

As for the Deskhouse, which weighs 14kg and ships flat, the obvious solution for US customers is to make one your own damn self.

Ninetonine Zebra crib, EUR1090, Deskhouse EUR254 [ninetonine.es via, I thought minor details, but now I can't find it]

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That is some of the ugliest furniture that I have ever seen!

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