July 7, 2009

Honda Twitterstalker Confirms The 2010 Accord Crosstour Not-A-Wagon

From DT reader [and car-sharing Canadian] Cam:

This woman started following me on Twitter when I mentioned seeing an FCX Clarity test drive event at the convention centre down the street from us...

Sounds like the Crosstour is official... hoping it's a little more touring wagon-y than the Venza, but to be honest, I'm still headed for that Jetta (er, Golf? in Canada, apparently) Wagon TDI when I finally get tired of using car sharing.

Sweet. Of course, even though Jalopnik put it at the top of their "Crosstour! Confirmed!" post, this isn't it:


That's the European Accord Tourer, a straight-up wagon which is based on the Acura platform. Edmunds snapped some spy shots of the Crosstour testing in Nevada. Quick, don't think BMW X6 Venza Hyundai Genesis!

Spy Photos: 2010 Honda Accord Hatchback [edmunds straightline]
2010 Honda Accord Crosstour Now Official! [jalopnik]


Nooooo!! Give us the Accord Tourer! With a rear-facing third-row! Please?

Why did they have to go full ugly? There has yet to be a palatable 4-door fastback on the market other than the now gone Mazda6 Sport. (Ok, I know they still have the 6 hatch in Europe but the new one looks like it swallowed a Lexus GS.)

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