July 1, 2009

Somewhere In New Jersey: Citroen DS21 Wagon On eBay


Remind me again why I lament the absence of awesome euro station wagons in the US when there's a perfectly restored 1971 Citroen DS21 on eBay right now?

Why cry over not being able to spend EUR30,000 on an Opel, when I could probably get the DS home for a mere fraction of that?

How much more could it cost to have A/C added before the resto is complete [because, uh, obviously, it's still in progress]? And couldn't I get some LATCH attachments welded deep within the seat frame somewhere for a few pennies more?

Am I the only one thinking this? I must be, because even though the Citroen was the family car of the Citroen specialist, the auction's got three days to go, and it hasn't even cracked $2,000 yet.

1971 Citroen DS 21 (ID21F) Wagon(Break), currently $1,825, reserve not met, auction ends July 4th [ebaymotors thanks dt reader and fellow citroeniste, uhh...]
update: bidding ended at $3605, didn't meet the reserve.


JJ Daddy? I know you're seeing this. I would even renounce my mini-van for this. Start bidding.

What could possibly go wrong with a car filled with the finest of Gallic technology built by the hardworking mecs of France between coffee and cigarette breaks and riots protesting the 40 hour work-week? Bring the pain!

that Opel ecoFleX would start looking like a bargain by the third hydropneumatic sphere replacement.

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