June 29, 2009

Reference Library, Max Lamb, Enzo Mari At The Selby


The homebrewed messy modernist snake has eaten its tail, and it looks awesome. Andy Beach's April retail colabo in Milan with Apartamento Magazine has now gotten the The Selby treatment.

Which means you can see the full-color, reissued awesomeness of Enzo Mari's cardboard play screen without spending a hundred euros or whatever.

And you can get closeup to Max Lamb's sweet, little knock-together stools, which he apparently whipped up in a morning with a Japanese saw, a power screwdriver, and a few pieces of 1-by planed pine board. They're not necessarily kid-sized, but they are small. And between The Selby's photos and the instructions for Lamb's similar DIY chair in Apartamento #2, you could probably concoct a tidy little set of kid's play furniture. And it could be largely splinter-free!

everyday life objects shop milan [theselby.com]
Max Lamb - Bringing material to life, in seemingly bootlegged pdf format [institutfatima.org]

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