June 23, 2009

When You're At Ikea, You're Family

We had a poorly timed trip to Ikea this weekend. It wasn't the crowds, which were thick as flies on a Swedish lake in springtime. It was the far edge of K2's nap limits. Had she slept in the car on the way for more than--literally--one minute, we might have been alright, but alas.

She was so cranky and high, I joked that I'd just plop her in one of the cribs on the display floor and let her sleep while the wife and the kid went ahead.

And whaddya know, on the way out, we come across this kid completely sacked out on the sofa. I assume that was his dad there in the blue shirt.

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Never had the pleasure of visiting an Ikea, up here in Maine we don't get afforded such luxuries!

I've sat on those Ikea display sofas to BF the kid. The other two would sit and look at the "TV" or set the table for dinner in the kitchen.

When we were at Ikea once, in the 600sf house (or whatever they called it), a kid screamed "mommy, gotta potty!" and was pulling his pants down in front of the (nonworking, unplumbed) toilet. We bad a hasty retreat.

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