June 18, 2009

Kid-Size Womb Chair, HAHA! knoll kids shrinks its greatest hits


Oh, wait, we already knew about the kid-size Saarinen Womb chair. And the baby-size Womb chair. AND the mini-Mies Barcelona chair, which were part of Knoll's 2007 attempt to keep up with the Genius Joneses.

I guess that went pretty well, because Knoll just introduced knoll kids, a small collection of pint-sized versions of some of the company's classic furniture designs. There's Maya Lin's plastic stone stools, of which I am not really a fan, and Kazuhide Takahama's Suzanne Lounge chairs--oh, wait, those aren't any smaller than the originals, just obviously climbable. And the Saarinen and Jens Risom side tables don't really count as new, either, just puny. Still, the 75% scale Risom chairs are good, and compared to the upholstered pieces, they're practically free [aka, $200].


The highlight, though, is the kid-size Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia. Knoll says it's 75% scale of the original, but it's only 24.5 inches wide, compared to 45-in. They used to offer a 33-in. wide model at one point--modernicus has a nice example from the 1950's--but this newer, smaller version is just adorable. Surprisingly, they haven't reissued the kid-sized Bertoia side chair. Go figure.


Now maybe I'll be able to realize my dream of creating my own kid-size, Campana Brothers-style stuffed animal chairs using Takashi Murakami plush toys and Ugly Dolls. I've been scouting high and low for a base chair that could work; Bertoia's Diamond chair was the right shape, and now it's the right size. If only it were the right price; $530 apiece is a lot to shell out for a wacky, experimental, three-way colabo knockoff.

knoll kids: live. learn. play. shell out a fortune. [knoll.com]


I'd love to get my kids a mini womb chair, maybe they'd stop thrashing on our full size version. Wonder if I could trade up our two kid-sized, never-used Panton chairs for it?

Hi, I brought a gorgeous kid size womb chair from Spacecraft. I saw their details in elle deco and they have a discount code of ED101 to use until the 15th july on ALL of their products of Knoll, Vitra and Fritz Hansen. Kid or adult size, the products are beautiful and none of that repro crap. I was very impressed with their service and I am happy to recommend them.

you are remarkably familiar with the discount codes of Spacecraft, dating back several months, according to the Google searches I just did.

It's almost as if you were somehow affiliated with the company...

also, I would expect that authorized retailers selling original licensed designs would be better quality than "that repro crap," so given your long association with the company, I can't see why you'd expect anything else.

too bad it costs a fortune to ship this knoll furniture back to the US from the UK.

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