June 17, 2009

So You Wish You Had An Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Pedal Car?


DT reader Katy sends along a photo of a cute kid in a wienermobile from flickr megapoweruser mattlogelin's photostream. And the obvious question is, "Where can I get one?"

Well, they turn up on craigslist and eBay. About 16,000 were made, and "Grocery stores in the U.S. and Canada distributed many of these pedal cars through special promotions and also sold a small number by mail order from June 1995 through May 1998. The cars were not available for purchase in retail stores." Said the CPSC in their 1998 recall notice.

I'm not sure if there's a way to tell if a Wienermobile still has its original, lead-contaminated decals, or if the company still offers replacements. You can probably be sure that this original, Mint In Box Wienermobile still has the toxic stickers on it, but at least they'll ship it.

If you want to avoid lead altogether, keep looking for the pre-1995 model, which has a different window configuration. This one, dated from 1992, is sold, but it gives you an idea.


SOLD! Oscar Meyer Wienermobile Pedal Car, 1992 Model [brasslanternantiques.com]
CPSC, Oscar Mayer Announce Recall to Replace Decals on Pedal Cars Because of Lead Hazard [cpsc.gov]
1996 OSCAR MAYER WIENERMOBILE MINT IN BOX , $469.95 $85.95 S/H/INS [bellandnsons.com]


The newer pedal cars are available for purchase at the Oscar Mayer employee store in Madison, WI. Not sure on the price, maybe around $100. Also, not sure on the lead decals on these cars.

My 16 year old son has a peddle car that he won when he was 2 or 3 years old. He was too tall for the peddle car so it hasn't been used. It did not come in a box. Anyone know the value?


Tracy Swift

I have one , more like the second photo above. It is in very rough shape but still rolls. Will sell it if someone really wants it

I have two. Will sell for a good offer. One is like the 2nd photo and was a display model and the other wasn't for public sale it was also only a display model. No boxes with.

I am interested in purchasing an oscar mayer wienermobile pedal wagon. Thanks, Michelle Hall

I am looking for the decals doe the 1996 wienermobile could anyone tellmewhere I might get them and a replacement horn.
Thank you

Have a 1992 model in perfect shape (never boxed)for sale. Asking $300.00 cash. Must pick up. Illinois, Chicago suburban area.

I have 1992 pedal car like in the picture i want to know how much its worth?

looking to buy the model of the full size mobile like a tabletop?

PO Box 112
610 380 1007

some linkage but in good shape,Make an offer,Just be fair and will except it

responding to your dated entry 'bout weinermobile.. by any chance u still possess the car??? if so, ur location...

have Oscar Meyer Weinermobile for sale - muts p/u in Omaha, NE - have pics and decent shape - ones kids could use - decals still good - make offer over $150

what kind of shape and how much


I have the 1992 model without the hot dog. I am looking for the hot dog part for the top.

I have a wienermobile never used in ex.cond. It looks like the top pic. Whats is worth.

I was just given one of these totally awesome pedal cars from my neighbor. Her mom won it and never used it, and gave it to her daughter, which then just gave it to me. It's in really good shape, all parts and decals are still on it, it looks like the one in the second photo.

I have a weiner mobile pedal car in the original cardboard box and plastic wrap. On the outside of the box it says Konek, Inc., Fairview, PA. Can anyone give me an idea of what year it is and what's its value ?


i have an oscar mayers weiner mobile that is really old and i want to know how much its worth.

I have a pre-1995 one (like the bottom photo) in overall great condition for sale. I am asking $450 or best offer (plus any shipping costs). I live in Redwood City, CA if you want to pick up or see it in person.

It has been stored indoors and is in great shape, except for a small scratch on the back. Mechanically works great.

I am happy to take more photos or answer questions for anyone interested in buying.

Check out my posting on Craigslist Bay Area with the keywords, wait for it... Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Pedal Car!



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