June 17, 2009

And In Other Annoying, Talentless, Manipulative Hack News...


Jill Greenberg made babies cry, and then took their picture. Glenn Beck makes himself--and anyone with two neurons to rub together--cry on his flame-fanning, wingnut TV show. Greenberg's 2004 exhibit of her crybaby photos was called "End Times." Glenn Beck is a Latter Day Saint, as am I. I blogged about what a shallow, talentless hack Greenberg is. Beck's weeklong "investigation" of porn on his CNN show was one of the DT's first advertisers.

So while I accept that fate has brought me to the point where I must acknowledge that Greenberg shot Beck for GQ, I'd rather lay down in front of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse before I link to either one of them.

Why Are Republicans Still Letting Jill Greenberg Take Their Pictures? [gawker]

1 Comment

I'm so glad I don't know who those two people are!

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