June 16, 2009

The Hangover: The Bootleg Nerd Shirt


Finally, something to wear when your tuxedo t-shirt is in the laundry.

Still, it's better than the The Hangover bootleg T-shirt with a busted up vintage Mercedes steering wheel on the front at FratIdiotShirts.com.

Knockoffery Update: Whoops, just who is NerdyShirts ripping off harder here, the movie, or Paul Frank? [thanks to dt commenter sandy for the catch]


The Hangover, $20 [nerdyshirts.com via tdw, thanks dt reader rolf]


Not very original. I have seen the same shirt by Paul Frank three years ago:

d'oh, nice catch.

Have you even seen The Hangover Sandy? That Paul Frank shirt is ok but The Hangover version is a million times cooler! They didn't steal the idea from Paul Frank they took a great comedic point from the movie and made a great shirt out of it! They're marketing it based off the fact that people liked The Hangover, they're not trying to steal the idea from Paul Frank.

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