June 16, 2009

How Do Moms Do It? Stroller Suspenders

Don't you just see an incredible invention sometimes, and you wonder how a mom ever came up with that brilliant idea? And then you wonder, wow, it's so obviously awesome, why has no mom ever thought of it before?


Because that totally happens to me. Can't remember why I brought it up now, but yeah, all the time.

Stroller Suspenders for Baby's Blanket, $10 [mom4life.com via M4L's publicist]
one image above: "man wearing 'sock suspenders,'" 1942, David Scherman for LIFE Magazine [via google]


They've had those in Japan for years.
You can get them at the Daiso (100-yen-shop).

I feel like a tool for not realizing that I could have added some powder pink/blue accents to the spring clamps that I took from my shop for the same application and repackaged them as the 'handydad's friend'.

brilliant idea - I went for a walk with my son last week and I ran over his blanket twice with the stroller

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