June 15, 2009

Art For The People! 20x200x20% Off


I've written about 20x200 before; it's the online art gallery that publishes limited edition photos and prints at prices ranging from $20 to $50 all the way up to $5,000. Until Tuesday night, though, those prices will range from $16 to $4,000; there's a 20% off sale a-raging.

Some of my favorites turn out to relate to the American Museum of Natural History. for example, Jason Polan's exhaustive, over-size drawings of dinosaurs, bugs, sea creatures, rocks, and birds, all starting at $40/$50.

And there are still six little 8x10 prints of Joseph O. Holmes' awesome silhouette of a dad and his kid at the AMNH, which I posted about last winter. And two gigantic 30x40 ones, too, for $2000. A that price, I'd wonder about commissioning Holmes to stalk and photograph you and your kid instead of some random dude. But if they're only $1,600... it's a tossup.


Also interesting: Don Hamerman's ongoing series of photos of beat-to-hell baseballs he's been collecting from the corners of parks. I think you'd want to buy two, just, you know, on principle.

RIDONK: 20% more ridiculous sale [20x200.com thanks jen]

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