June 13, 2009

Holy Cow, It Was Actually Green Inside


Is that what makes it organic milk?

It wasn't a contest, per se, but congratulations to Seth for accurately predicting the location of K2's missing bottle. I swear, I checked the Bugaboo hood five times.


This is my wife's favorite stroller storage location. When we had our nanny, it was her favorite too. I usually "discover" whatever has been stored there as I am lifting a folded stroller into the roof box on top of the car. It is at this point that the hidden treasure (bottle, sunglasses, loose change, folded dirty diaper, half a bagel) falls on my head.
Our Mountain Buggy had a huge storage area plus some pockets and a bottle holder. Our MacLaren has a decent sized storage area. Our Phil and Teds has a decent sized storage are and occasionally has the handlebar accessory that includes a pouch and two bottle holders. But still, the stroller canopy seems to be irresistible as a place to stash (and forget) whatever might be in hand.

I'm sure our Cameleon canopy has also swallowed up many things.

A nifty discovery I made during a rainy morning in Copenhagen: tucked between the canopy and the rain cover, a map is easily accessible and readable! That said, I probably was in Switzerland before I realised that I'd left the map in the canopy...

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