June 13, 2009

Found: That DIY Plywood Bed Set-Up From The 70's


You remember that kind of awesome, Supergraphic-equipped plywood bed the American Plywood Association was propagating in 1975? The one with the optional boxes for TOYS, SHOES, and THINGS?

Well, it truly was the Age of Free Plywood Love, because I just found the whole thing, plans and all, in a 1971 Sunset book, Furniture You Can Make. Interestingly--or not, really, unless you care about the history of the plywood lobby--the instructions call for five sheets of "3/4-in. DFPA-grade" ply, a reference to the pre-1964 name of the APA. Does that mean the design is even older?

Actually interesting: the design is credited to a guy named Arvid Orbeck, who doesn't map onto any of the Arvid Orbeck references I can find online. Anyway, with the New Depression and whatnot, I doubt there are construction sites nearby to steal wood from. But then again, this isn't a halfpipe; just go buy your plywood at the store like a man.

1 Comment

It's all interesting and cool and if I had a house of my own I'd be running to the Home Depot (or whatever passes for it in South Korea) right now, but something tells me the Army would be unwilling to ship that sucker to our next duty call.

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