June 12, 2009

Wow, Price Increase Set To Stimulate Bugaboo's Economy July 1st

After posting about the price increase set to hit UK Bugaboos on July 1st, I've heard from a couple of retailers that a new Bug pricing butterfly will be emerging from its cocoon in the US, too.

Sounds like the Cameleon will change from $899 to $979.

The Frog will hop back up from its New Depression Era price of $629 to its boom time price of $759.

And the Bee will be unchanged at $529, with new and improved brakes included--ABSOLUTELY FREE!

All those links are to Amazon, by the way, and will save you far more money than they make me.


Is this maybe more a reflection of the weak Dollar, and weakening Pound than signs of a recovery? I like the term New Depression by the way, I always refer, not past tense yet I am afraid, to it as Great Depression Part Deux but may have to switch to New Depression now!

how about the great recession

I guess the level of entry was lowered too much? They didn't like the quality of new owners?

Wow !!!! This doesn't look good for the company ..

Bugaboo are also raising prices in Canada from July 1st, the Cameleon is going from $995 plus tax up to $1279 plus tax and the Frog is going from $749 plus tax to $984 plus tax.

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