June 10, 2009

Hey Wha?? Vladimir Kagan Bassinet At Wright20


Holy smokes. I've been chasing a sweet, modernist plexiglass bassinet since literally the day the kid was born. How is it possible I haven't heard of this insane Lucite and oak model Vladimir Kagan designed in 1970 before it turned up at auction at Wright20 in Chicago?

Because Kagan made it himself, for his own kid, that's how. Wright bought it out of Kagan's studio long after Kagan's daughter was grown, and sold it on to a couple of local design collectors. Now it's worked its way back onto the market, ready for yet another generation of modernist babies.

I've got half--no, three quarters. four fifths--a mind to buy it myself and turn it into the DT Community Cradle, available for modernist fanatics to borrow for the admittedly short useful life of a bassinet. Though it does look like it'd be a bear to ship.

June 27, 2009, Lot 372: Vladimir Kagan bassinet, USA, c. 1970; Estimate: $300-500, NO RESERVE [wright20 via dt reader and design shark darren]
update: not bad, it sold for $750 plus premium.

1 Comment

Holy S**T! You can't buy a crap crib for $300!
If I needed it (and thank gods I don't) I'd be on this thing like Halliburton on Cheney.

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