June 9, 2009

'A China Doll Staring At You From Across The Room'


Odd, I don't remember the Nixon Era as this hilariously creepy. Jim unearths Amy's Doll, another classic picture book from the 70s that--HEADS UP--could trigger a recovered memory trauma for anyone who read it as a child. Have your therapist's number handy.

Another Selection from our Collection of Terrifying Nixon-era Children's Books: Amy's Doll [sweet juniper]

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Our kids are going to be wondering why all the stuff from their childhood was completely banal and yet targeted at adults with references to TV shows no one remembers.

It makes sense to me when I remember what was going on during the Nixon era. There was an omnipresent war, terrorist bombings at home, and severe racial tension. These books were probably their attempt at cheery.

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