June 7, 2009

Creative Playthings Miracle: "Immaculate" Play Kitchen


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OK, I'm back. And what better to do on a Sunday morning than to contemplate the Mystery of the Immaculate Play Kitchen that has miraculously appeared on eBay out of Pasadena?

Pilgrims will flock to bid, but the locals will have that $30 advantage if they can negotiate local pickup. But back to that mystery. how is it that this sink and stove have survived in such beautiful condition?

Were they at some grandma's house where the kids never visited?

Were they so small, the kids outgrew them before they even knew they were supposed to do with them? [They're only 11 inches high, barely the size of a microwave, not the larger cabinet-sized models that came later--and were played into the ground by generations of church basement nursery school denizens.]

Actually, 11 inches is pretty damn small. Maybe it's not such a mystery after all. Still, it'd be worth buying them just to have a clean version of that stove heating element graphic. That'd look sweet on a Onesie.


Vintage Creative Playthings Kitchen Stove&Sink eames, opening bid $10 + $30 s/h, auction ends June 12 [ebay]


I rarely see one in such good condition. Must have been played with for a short time, then place din the basement.

I have an "immaculate" stove and refrigerator at my parents house. I would really like for them to give the set to me so my daughter can play with them when she is old enough, but I'm pretty sure they plan to keep it so she has to come visit to play with it. Darn grandparents!!

Hi there,
While researching Creative Playthings vintage doll house toys I found your site. I work for Goodwill and we run an ebay type site for things that would go for more at an online auction than in the store.
I just got a 30 piece furniture set that is missing a few drawers and one of the chairs is missing a leg. But I have kitchen, bathroom and bedroom pieces as well as a complete nativity set!

If you're still using this blog, which it looks like you are, please check out the auction for these items. It starts today at 6pm and it's item number is: 5050728.


Oh, and the site address is:

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