June 4, 2009

The Family That Flays Together Stays Together: Freaky One-Eyed Kid Car By Elmer Presslee

Now how is it that a kid in a music video full of rubber, gore-faced freaks is traumatic and wrong, but a kid in a LIttle Tikes car transformed into a snaggle-toothed cyclops is not only just fine, but FREAKIN' AWESOME?

Obviously, the difference is a father's love. I mean, just look at her smile as she holds her dad's cutlass, uh, by the edge of the blade...

Salt Lake City artist/dad Bill Robbins keeps the Ed "Big Daddy" Roth tradition alive with his fantastical Elmer Presslee creature sculptures. But he's also always thinking of the children.

According to the comments on Bill's flickr set, this "stroller" took a ton of polymer clay, cured with a heat gun--be careful, cuz it'll melt the car's injection-molded plastic body if you let it--and a battery-operated cyclops eye. And love.

Bill made this rig in 2007, posted it in 2008, and may--I'm still waiting to hear back--may have sold it a few months ago in a giant studio purge. Now that it's been boingboing'd, though, I'm sure it'll resurface.

update: Nope, it's still around. Bill emailed from an exhibition of his work in Berlin. Opens June 12.

Elmer Presslee Cyclops Stroller photoset [flickr via boingboing]
Worried about the missing eyeball? No problem! He's got extras! [flickr]
Elmer Presslee Industries [elmerpresslee.com]

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Reminds me of a mad ball. Remember those?


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