June 4, 2009

MGMT: No Children Were Harmed In The Making Of This Video. Well, OK, Maybe One.

It's not enough for MGMT that a fan video of their song "Kids" has like 15 million views on YouTube. They needed their own, official version.

After all, "A baby is born/ Crying out for attention," sings the Wesleyan grad/ electro-Cure wannabe in his silver lame' bodysuit with a matching foil hula skirt around his neck. And the dog's.


And while it's entirely possible that the little kid in the video is crying inconsolably because director Ray Tintori only shot, Terrence Malick-style, in that toddler version of "magic hour," the few minutes right before naptime, I highly doubt it. But I don't really care.

Even if the band and their director went to--or beyond--Jill Greenbergian lengths of manipulative meanness to scare that little kid and make him cry and scream as the storyboard called for, it's not my concern. The kid's small enough that he probably--probably--won't even remember the specifics of being chased and harangued by monsters anyway. So probably no harm done.

But the kid's real problem is his parents, the ones who agreed to put their kid in a music video in the first place--and to let his trauma be the star. No good will come of this. I mean, come on, the kid from the Nirvana album hasn't even turned 18 yet, and already he's been screwed up by his showbizzy parents. And all he did was float naked in a pool for a few seconds.

On the bright side, sweet car seat. I'd see more of that. What's that about?


MGMT | Kids - Official Video, directed by Ryan Tintori [brightcove via the fader, thanks dt reader rolf]

related? I can't quite figure out how to get the "random? related?" photo feature in the sidebar working 100% of the time, but sometimes it just NAILS it. The photos next to this MGMT post at the moment are: awkward [nude] family photos; Alan Keyes and his abortion stroller; Donnie Darko and that stalker bunny lady; and Jim's photos of abandoned Detroit schools. Nice grouping.


god, it really is amazing what bothers me now that I have my own kid. I couldn't get through half of the video.

Oh man, that is wretched. I couldn't keep watching, either. I don't know how a parent could bear to see their kid in extended psycho-suffering, there must have been one hell of a model release.

Nope, I couldn't make it past the first minute. The song is ruined for me now.

I hope that kid doesn't remember any of that. I don't get how a parent could let someone scare thier child that way. I did watch most of it and there is one part the kids looks like he is shaking he is so scared. I thought there were laws about this sort of thing?

Holy crap, that's sick. Didn't make it beyond 2:48. Seems like a clear case of torture and/or emotional abuse to me.

you know, a lot of it is editing, maybe even most of it. In which case, WTF, but LOLOL. But there are enough troubling scenes where the kid actually looks freaked out, and that makes the whole thing into just WTF.

Couldn't finish it either. @foglite, yes, the song is now ruined.

Tell me how that kid isn't going to have night terrors.

WTF is right. Me no likey.

Glad to hear I'm not alone on this one. I ran across the video this afternoon and found myself cutting it off well before the end. What's more, my kid was no where within sight. Edited or not, that kid's expression of terror is a little too real to me.

such emotional ppl you are! i think it's funny people have this reaction. yes it is quit disturbing. probably because they wanted it to be. so this kid might be screwed in the head for life and might become a murderer. it's a good video though.

u guys all paranoid shut up this not child crulity insted of going after a band that made a video with a baby crying go out there and fight against child cruilty that is happening all around the world

Anyone lessening this by saying "Oh there's real child abuse in the world" is a jackass, it's still child abuse and all child abuse should be dealt with. This is disgusting. I guarantee you, this will shape the rest of his life. I used to have nightmares as a kid about monsters... he saw them in real life. Take a fucking hint. Where's the world's worst mother award. Who? Casey Anthony? NO, the mother of the kid in this video.. yeah, she beats her. Seriously.

That is torture and I am sure that baby still has nightmares. It is sick that ANYONE would do this to a child.

Do you mean child abuse like not making sure a child knows how to spell, punctuate, or speak properly?

This is clearly screwed up. I'm a father of 4 and this video is created to make money, nothing else. This band is ruined for me. I couldn't make it through the video, because it's REAL. The poor boy is scared out of his mind. How could anyone acting in this not want to run over and pick him up and comfort him. No one should give MGMT any money. Furthermore, that kids mom should have her head examined.

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