June 1, 2009

J. Crew Plays Hide The Awesome Kids Chair


I see some drop ceiling tiles, super-smooth floor treatments, and non-original moldings, so I'm going to assume that Mister Mort's sneak peek of J. Crew's fall/winter 09 menswear collection went down in a showroom somewhere, not a store.

Which means we'll have to have a suit explain what is up with this awesome pair of vintage kid's chairs tucked away in the dressing room. An artfully disheveled suit made from insouciantly mismatched, label-less Loro Piana fabrics atop the last pair of real benchmade-in-the-USA workboots to come out of--HEY, J. CREW EXECUTIVE! Stop fiddling with your denim foulard for ten seconds and turn over that chair!

J. Crew F/W 09 Sneak Peek [mistermort]
disclosure: I am eternally indebted to Mister Mort for scoring me another pair of deadstock silver mesh Gucci sneakers six years ago.


The Jason Chair designed by Carl Jacobs; made by Kandya. They're on the small side, but not kid-sized unfortunately.

thanks, nice suit. but seriously, those things look SHORT

Really nice, excellent and looking very pretty. I loved it.

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