May 28, 2009

Malaise Era Creative Playthings Dump & Derrick Truck - NIB


The compleatist, collector, or gnawed-wooden-toy-ophobe will be bidding against each other for this New In Box Creative Playthings Dump & Derrick Truck that just appeared on eBay.

Me, I'll sit this one out. Even though the ability to switch between dump truck and tow truck is kind of awesome, the big ol' metal axles and the plexi cab cover seem like cost-saving corner-cutting that remind me of the company's looming, CBS-guided demise.

On the bright side, whoever died and left this thing behind in La Mesa, CA apparently had more vintage toys stockpiled. So it might be worth to follow the seller, antondam619, for a while. Stay tuned.


Vtg CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS WOODEN DUMP TRUCK EAMES ERA NOS, opening bid $10+11.35 s/h, auction ends 6/3 [ebay]

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