May 27, 2009

American Plywood Association Kids' Bed, c. 1975


Dave recently posted some scans on Grain Edit of awesome, vintage vacation house plans from the Douglas Fir Plywood Association . The DFPA changed its name to the American Plywood Association in 1964 when it brought in the new southern pine plywood makers. And since looping in some Canadians in 1994, it's been the NAFTAstically inclusive APA - Engineered Wood Association.

The scans really make make me wonder how many hundreds of other cool projects are languishing forgotten in the archives of America's forest stewards. Because I found one in a pretty random spot.

The sweet, mod, supergraphic-equipped, double kids' bed/cave above is [obviously] from the 1970's. It was published in Rosario Capotosto's Complete Book of Woodworking, which Popular Science put out in 1975. Unfortunately, there are no plans, just a single, tiny photo to show off plywood's general, modish awesomeness. Or grooviness, as I believe it was called back then.

My favorite part is the toy box labeled "Things." They don't look structural, so I'd move them somewhere else.

update: found it! [thanks, dt reader steph for the heads up]

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how about some Plywood Play Planks

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