May 20, 2009

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & Stokke Cupholder

This post requires some background music, so before you begin reading, just turn up your speakers and click on this link, which will open in a new window.

OK. It's been--wow!--five years since Stokke launched the Xplory. Which makes it eligible for full-on American citizenship.


Back in the day, Stokke emphasized how useful the Xplory's high seat height would be for pulling the kid up to a cafe table while you sip espresso in your jauntily draped scarf.

Well, now you can pound your Big Gulp 'Murrican-style, because the Xplory's finally getting a cupholder. $25 in stores somewhere near a Starbuck's, I'm sure.


God bless Stokke, and God bless the United States of America. [via stokke's people]


Do you have any details on when the cup holder is going to be released? I'd love to get one for my husband!

I'm disappointed.

The proper passive-aggressive Scandinavian approach would be to do what Volvo did when it added cupholders to the 850 in the early 90's and place the cupholders in a way that any spills would short circuit the window controls, preventing the more careless of us American gluttons from abusing the McD's drive-thru thereafter.

Sadly, the Stokke has no electric window controls...

instead, they place the cupholder so the parent's steaming hot beverage is right over his kid's crotch.

Oh! That's sufficiently Scandinavian passive-aggressive, then. Whew!

yeah, that things gonna get kicked once you are out of bassinet mode. Or function as a cupholder for the kid, which isn't such bad idea. After three years I finally used the stokke as high-chair capacity for some pizza eating with number 2 near Wash Sq Park the other day. Certainly was convenient.

I've got the email from Stokke yesterday that it will be available in August. In fact you can get it free if you send in a video of you kid is using it. This is page linked from the email I've got.

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