May 11, 2009

DT Freakout Friday: Vaccine Autism Celebrities Edition

Close readers of the Daddy Types will notice that there was no Friday Freakout over the weekend. Sorry. Things got a little busy, I didn't want to ruin Mother's Day, or when it comes to dishonest and dangerous pseudo-scientific quackery bullshit being propagandized by celebrities, EVERY DAY IS FREAKOUT FRIDAY. Whichever explanation works best for you.

Me, I'm going with #3:
Pediatrician Dan Summers has an exhaustive/exhausting point-by-point refutation of Jim Carrey's vaccines-cause-autism screed at Huffington Post. The first and second rounds are on Bleakonomy, with a third hit on Ordinary Gentlemen.

And since the combined audience of those two blogs dwarfs whatever attention Carrey's vacctivist girlfriend Jenny McCarthy got on TV [Oprah who?] anti-rubella activists can relax.

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As a friend on Facebook asked me, "Can we take out Oprah now?" Seriously, does this woman want to add the blood of innocent children to her list of victims?

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