May 6, 2009

Pininfarina Giulia Rocking Horse Object For Riva 1920


The names Pininfarina and Giulia go together like, well, like Alfa and Romeo. So I was a little concerned that would Pininfarina blithely attach the name of one of its founder's last and greatest creations to anything, much less this rocking object, created last year for Riva 1920, the well known single-giant-block-of-cedar furniture manufacturer.

But then I think, HOLY CRAP! CHECK THAT THING OUT! And I'm OK with it.

Riva's Pininfarina Giulia Rocking Horse in carved from FSC-certified cedar, and is available in two sizes, 80cm and 160 cm long. Personally, I think 160cm feels a bit much.

Collezione CEDRO | Pininfarina Giulia Rocking Horse, prezzo sconosciuto [ via dt reader mark]

1 Comment

I LOVE THIS PIECE! Such a winner.

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