May 5, 2009

Molto Colani! The Limited Edition Luigi Colani Action [sic] Figure


Decked out as they are in remarkably detailed recreations of the butter yellow trenchcoats the Professor created for Swissair in 1990 and possessed of the maestro's intense, visionary gaze into the biomorphic future, the 1/6 scale collectible figures of the Luigi Colani commissioned from Kojun are masterpieces of the collectible figure art.

Though I try not to dwell on it, the hard truth is we live in a severely under-Colani'd world. Still, taking into account rarity generally, and remembering that Professor Colani will receive No. 1, I agree that 10 is, in fact, the correct edition size for this figure.

Kojun x 1/6 scale collectible Figure, limited edition of 10 Figures []
Exquisite details and photos and ordering information are in the Museum Shop [, via dt reader alistair]

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