May 4, 2009

Fou, Fou, Completement Fou! Hermes Pour Les Petits

OK, the massive auction of vintage Hermes stuff coming up at Artcurial in Paris on the 20th better be because hedge funders are scrambling for liquidity in the face of the global depression. Because if 700+ lot sales of OG Hermes have been a regular occurrence the last few years and no one told me about it, I am gonna be--

eh, you know what, it's fine. 200 lots are thrice-divorced, crazy Scarsdale grandma blouses, and 400 lots are random purses. The real finds are few and far between. By which I mean, there are two:


Lot 581: Hochet en argent. The estimate on the rattle is EUR 100-150, the vocabulary word of the day is free. Hochet.


Lot 296B: Yoyo en bois naturel et crocodile noir, on the other hand, is yoyo en bois naturel et crocodile noir, except they call it le yoyo en bois naturel et crocodile noir. Surely when the revolution comes, being able to say you only spent EUR30-40 for the world's craziest yoyo will be enough to save you and your family. Save your winning bid slip.

update: The rattle went for EUR281, and the yo-yo sold for a whopping EUR255. Like I said, fou.

Vintage Hermes, May 20, by Artcurial []
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1 Comment

I have the yoyo, I put a absentee bid for 500 euros cause I reli wanted it :) that's why it went for so much.

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