May 1, 2009

Mille, Pedal Car By David Seabra


The finalists in the Prix Emile Hermes design competition were exhibited at Milan last week. If there had been a category for awesomest ride-on toy, I'm sure Portuguese architect David Seabra's Mille pedal car would have won. Also the award for Best Morgan 3-Wheeler With Playsam Carrozzerie.

image above: Milan Design Week 09: Prix Emile Hermes [core77 via dt reader mark]
Prix Emile Hermes site []
dass - Seabra's architecture and design firm in Lisbon []


It looks a lot like the already-in-market vintage saab!

indeed, that's the Playsam; the kid keeps hers parked under her grandparents grand piano.

almost as cool as the Playsam Rocking Saab which I fear was discontinued before I even heard of it.

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