April 23, 2009

Pocahontas Went To London On A Yellow Submarine

from John Alcorn & Jan Wahl's Pocahontas in London

Another awesome library sale find: a beautiful copy of the 1967 psychedelic classic [I'd never heard of], Pocahontas in London, by Jan Wahl, illustrated by John Alcorn.

The kid points out it's not as historically accurate as the D'Aulaire, but it's still a hit.

I added a couple more spreads in the daddytypes flickr stream. According to the Eye, Alcorn contributed to Alan Aldridge's The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics, which was reissued in 2005.

they're not 50 cents, but you can track down your own copy of Wahl & Alcorn's Pocahontas in London on amazon [amazon]
Check out more of the late John Alcorn's work [alcorngallery.com]

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