April 23, 2009

Baby T-Pain Likes Fish Sticks

Hah, babies crying through AutoTune. A new life awaits you in the offworld colonies. [via kottke]


Great find.

Is it something biological though, that made this father still physically uncomfortable listening to this even after it'd been AutoTuned?

i hope you didn't shake it.

Like a Polaroid as I have been, in observance of the week. Or is it month?

My heart literally dropped when I heard this. I felt like I feel when I hear one of my children crying at 4am. Physically uncomfortable is a good way of putting it!

That's what your children sound like at 4am? Do you have the crib monitor hooked up to a Mac running Pro Tools?

--and livestreaming to a turntable in Ibiza and/or Shinjuku.

Btw you know auto-tune has jumped the shark when there's an influx of comedy videos using it; that baby one was the fourth or fifth I saw this week... (I'm particularly fond of the one the Vimeo.com guys did)

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