April 20, 2009

Where The Wild Things I Like Are

So, one horrible thwacking sound from my DVD burner, one fast trip to the Genius Bar, one extended playdate at the playground, and one brand new drive--and just to be safe, one iPod Touch--later, and I'm back in business.

Here are two awesome illustrations I found yesterday via the daily what. Coincidentally, they're both about things. And since neither is for sale, they're the best kind of things at the moment: things you kind of want to buy but won't because--let's face it--you don't really need them.


Things I Like No. 2456 by Richard Perez. Funny how the hardest one to explain to the kid is probably VHS tapes. See a larger version at Skinny Ships. [skinnyships.com]


You may recognize Emily Eibel's 8-bit graphic-style illustrations from such magazines as the New Yorker and the New York Times Magazine. And you might recognize her sweet, pixellated wild things from Where The Wild Things Are. Definitely zoom in on this one, too.

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