April 20, 2009

Two Idiots And A Blaby

Blaby2, originally uploaded by geoframsay.

It's no ringing endorsement of the Industrial Design program at Carleton University that one of its main projects is based entirely on a misinterpretation of the thoroughly disproved Mozart Effect and on an easily Google-debunkable, 20-year-old, parent-deceiving quackfest masquerading as science--and an iPod.

But that's fine. Geof's just a kid, and Carleton's only $12,000/year [Canadian!], and Geof's even beating that cost by transferring last year from a community college. So especially if that's his kid wrapped up in that prototype, we wish him great success with all his future, non-total-bullshit-based design endeavors.

The Daily Mail Reporter who decided that a Canadian college student was enough of an expert quote to justify publishing this in the "Science & Tech" section, on the other hand, should just *#@$ing hang it up.

Groovy baby: Introducing the 'iPod' which plays music in the mother's womb [dailymail.co.uk]
see the completely debunked details in Geof Ramsay's flickr stream portfolio [flickr]
Previously: Babyplus, hello!

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Love the typos too :)

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