April 17, 2009

Amber In The Sky With Felt-Covered Plywood


I'd lost track of Thomas Maitz's Amber In The Sky loft bed since first seeing the renderings in late 2007, but as Swiss Miss reports, the awesome bed is now in production and on sale, at least in Germany.

Maitz's Graz-based company, Perludi, sells Amber In The Sky [actually it's AMBERintheSKY], which they make of birch ply covered in loden fabric, in your choice of red, grey, brown, or orange.

It looks kind of awesome. And heavy and expensive, especially by the time you figure out how to ship one over here. Plus the EU-standard mattress. They use the metric system; they don't know what the *#$% a 4-in wider and shorter single mattresses is.

AMBERintheSKY loft bed from Perludi, EUR2100, in Germany [perludi.com via swiss-miss]


love this. super stylish :)

thank you for posting.
the bunk- or loftbed works really well and its not so heavy weighted as it looks like.
everything is small packed in 3 boxes ...
all in all less than 90kg.

hope we can go to the states in the future? we look for distribution.

best regards from austria

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