April 13, 2009

Diaper Changing Stations We Can Believe In

The First Playground

Sorry for the radio silence today; our timeslot for the White House Easter Egg Roll was smack in the middle of the day, and it threw everything else off.

Still, it was pretty awesome. The Obama kids' playground which Matt Haughey made famous was looking nice; it had its own two guards, just off camera to the left. The Oval Office is on the right.

Just like how you're not supposed to get between a boa constrictor and its prey, roaming the Easter Egg Roll, you constantly had to be on the lookout so you didn't get between a parent with a camera, a kid doing whatever, and the White House.

White House Easter Egg Roll Changing Table - Interior

Which I only mention because these might be the only non-White House backdrop photos taken today, by anyone. The lady walking into my shot all but called me crazy for shooting these diaper changing stations. I, meanwhile, had never realized how repurposable porta-potties can be. Who knew you could just swap out that toilet module and put in a changing table?

The First [And Second] Diaper Changing Stations

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That is brilliant! These things should be available at every public event that uses porta-potties. I guess there's nothing wrong with the grass on a warm day, but on cold or windy days it can be a battle to keep the baby poo free and warm. I've never seen one before, but up hear in Canada I can see how they would be put to good use.

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