April 13, 2009

A Dollar And A Dream: Dish Towel Baby Clothes

Sure, any In 'n Out Burger employee can make a wrap skirt with a dish towel and a big-ass safety pin. But it only lasts to the end of the shift.

But if you're in need of some seriously cheap baby clothes, there is apparently an entire online subculture devoted to making outfits from dollar store dish towels.

OK, maybe just two posts on two blogs, but still. Neither one has a pattern; and if you don't have a needle and thread, you could probably get by with a glue gun or maybe a stapler. So easy!

Make Baby Pants From Dish Towel [dollarstorecrafts via craftzine, thanks dt reader eric, who actually sent that Craft link along because it has a creepy, chocolate Frank The Bunny.]
Tea Towel Skirts [filthwizardry]


So how exactly do you know so much about In'n Out Burgers again...? Just didn't think it was in your stomping ground or part of your formative years.

Thanks for linking! and WHOA that Frank the Bunny is supah creepy!

Hey Heather! We're a subculture! Whooo!

Glad you came to see our experiments in toddlerwear and thanks for the linklove.

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