April 10, 2009

Everything But The Syrup Holder: 1957 Ford Country Squire Do-It-All


While I was trying to figure out which ancient station wagon Ford was referencing when they designed the Flex, I came across this rather insane photo in a vintage ad gallery The Old Car Manual Project's website.

Now TOCMP calls this, "1957 Ford Country Sedan Do-It-All Deluxe Optioned Station Wagon," though I'm pretty sure that's a Country Squire, the company's wildly successful station wagon. UPDATE: And I would be wrong. See the comments.

And I have a hard time believing a company that can't deliver a failsafe syrup holder in 2009 was offering a boat, a pneumatic roof tent, a slideout stove, and a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-looking sun canopy as Deluxe Options more than half a century ago.

So if anyone can explain what a Country Squire Do-It-All was, I'd be much obliged. [see a larger image at TOCMP.com]


Seems like the inverse of the Eames' 'solar do-nothing machine' of the same period.

The "Country Sedan" was the mid-level trim for the wagons. The "Country Squire" was a more expensive version of the same car, with the all-important addition of wood paneling (imitation, of course). Since this one has no wood paneling, it's a Country Sedan.

may have been noted as a 57 but this is a 58

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