April 10, 2009

DT Friday Freakout: Somewhere In New Jersey Edition

Crazy Easter Bunnies aren't the only thing to worry about this weekend. Thanks to preliminary research of some kind or another, your whole parenting approach is wrong, too! For example:

  • Whether it's all cars, the Turnpike, or New Jersey itself, an epidemiological study has found that pollution exposure during early and late pregancy is correlated with low birth weight. [bbc; abstract, jech, thanks dt reader dt]

  • Whoops, missed this in February: pollution exposure in the womb also causes asthma. [bbc, full study at plosone.org]

  • One in five 4-year-olds in the US is obese. The rate is higher among brown kids, and spikes for American Indian kids. Thanks to all that government rice, 1/3 of Indian toddlers are "rezzed out" "rez rats" who have "commod bods." Word to all Brooklyn parents: I want to see at least three slang terms for "kid sitting in stroller on the No. 2 train, eating Cheetos from the bag" on my desk by Monday. [ap/yahoo, abstract: apam, thanks dt freakout correspondent sara]

  • A review of 29 studies in the last 56 years concludes that pacifiers may not affect breastfeeding. Obviously, more study is needed. [abstract, apam]

  • Mawage. Mawage is what bwings us togevah tod-- oops, actually, no. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that 40 percent of kids born in the US in 2007 were born to unwed parents. For latina moms, the rate is 51%; for black moms, the rate is 72%. And yet in one study, 80% of the unwed parent couples were still together four years later. Funny these stats don't come up in all those Save Marriage From The Gays! campaigns. [cnn, data in pdf, cdc.gov]


My fav. line from Princess Bride.

Ha ha ha, love the last one. Now that awful voice will be in my head all day! And yes, I too wonder why those kinds of statistics do not show up in ads by NOM and others.

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